Why You Should See A Physiotherapist – Physiotherapists are medical professionals that excel at helping people improve, maintain, or restore movement. As such, Physiotherapists are well equipped to help individuals with or without an injury. For people with an injury, Physiotherapy helps to utilize your bodies natural ability to heal using rehabilitative exercises, soft tissue work, etc. For the uninjured individual, Physiotherapists can help you achieve your movement and exercise related goals. These may include: Getting stronger, learning how to do an exercise or movement optimally, addressing areas of weakness and/or imbalance to help break through plateau in training, etc. No matter your reason for seeking out a Physiotherapist, they are well trained to help you with all your movement and/or exercise-based concerns.

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Curtis Humeniuk MPT, BKIN – Curtis is a Physiotherapist with a passion for helping active adults, and exercisers, to stay healthy and recover from the injuries that keep them from doing what they love. He does this by utilizing an active based approach through progressing various rehabilitation-based exercises, and helping patients understand how they can remain active while achieving their goals. Curtis also brings to his practice the experience of being a former Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, a certification in cupping, and having volunteered at various athletic events. This, among his other experiences, has prepared Curtis to work with a wide variety of clientele and injuries. In his spare time, Curtis enjoys working out, playing sports, reading, and travelling.

Methods Used:
Exercise Rehabilitation
Movement Screening (FMS and SFMA Certified)
Manual Therapy
Soft Tissue Work

Wednesday: 7-11 am
Friday: 4-8pm
By appointment only, other times available upon request.

Initial Assessment + Treatment (60 minutes) – $85
Longer Treatment – For more complex cases, or multiple areas of concern (60 minutes) – $82
Regular Treatment – For simpler cases, and single areas of concern (30 minutes) – $70
Forms – $25

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Text/Call – 204-290-7242