Additional Classes


1 hour coached class on Tuesday & Thursday @ 10:30am during open gym timeslot.
Month Cost – $120 plus GST

This class is for any parent or caregiver with an infant over 6 weeks old all the way up to age 5! There is no prior CrossFit experience required, workouts will be tailored to suit your specific needs, and you will have opportunity to workout as hard as you feel comfortable.

This will be a safe environment to bring your baby, toddler or preschooler, where you will get a great workout and your child will be in good hands with our babysitter. We want this to be one hour of the day that you can focus on you, knowing your child is close by and taken care of. This is a great group that will encourage you along your fitness journey as well as sharing stories of the craziness of parenthood!

Each class is coach led and will be one hour with warm up and cool down. There will be basic CrossFit exercises with some barbell and dumbbell work and definitely using your own bodyweight. Not comfortable with a movement? Don’t worry, every movement is scalable or can be changed.




Currently no classes running. Please use contact form below if you wish to be or our email list.

Prairie CrossFit Kids is designed for our younger members who are looking for general fitness benefits. These classes emphasizes improvement of balance, strength, spatial awareness, coordination, endurance, flexibility, and teamwork skills. This is all accomplished by carefully selecting the age appropriate activities that will allow children to develop at their own rate. Through movement exploration and focused lessons on proper form and execution children will have a blast getting fit.

A major asset to the Kids classes is our ability to “disguise” exercising within a huge variety of games. When children play they are having fun and that is how we give kids great work outs without getting bored. Every child is encouraged to work at their own fitness level while being motivated to push themselves harder with each class. We are very aware of the many different social pressures many children face when it comes to weight, self-esteem and fitness. At Prairie CrossFit we have created a “safe place” for children to be themselves no matter what their current fitness level may be.

It is our goal that every child who participates in one of our classes leaves with a smile on their faces, sweaty, and healthier, and more educated than when they came.

You do not need to be a member of our facility in order for you child to attend class.

If your child is 14 or older, we can integrate them into normal CF Classes where they will get the same attentive coaching.

We currently do not have any kids classes running. Please email to be put on our mailing list for upcoming classes.



If you are looking for a family friendly facility that you can come get your fitness on, we are the place for you! Whether wanting to work out with your older kids, or having to bring your younger kids with you so you can fit in some ‘me time’, we can help!

Our PCF Sweat class is geared around no barbells and no technical movements. These high energy classes will be coach led and put you through a variety of movements and exercises that will challenge you all while having fun. This class is for alls skill levels and for anyone ages 12 and up. The coach will go over all the movements and make sure you are keeping safe while building intensity. No more wandering around a gym, wondering if you are moving correctly, allow us to help you work more efficiently and get results!

Our gym is equipped with all the tools and equipment to keep your muscles on their toes, including kettlebells, dumbbells, medicine/slam balls, rings, skipping ropes, sandbags, rowers, airbikes and lots more to help you become a fitter, more healthier version of you.

Come join our amazing community and meet some new friends along the way.

Option 1 : One month of PCF Sweat Classes
Option 2 : 5 PCF Sweat Classes – To be used in 1 month

Each option includes an experienced coach to take them through the exercises and to keep them moving safely.
Kids as young as 12 can take part in our classes. We are hopeful to see some families join the fun!
Kids under 12 can hang out in our gated area and play in the foam pit or bring some toys or watch a show.
PCF Sweat Classes are run every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30pm. Each class is 1 hour. Every class will be different in regards to equipment, movement patterns and time domains.