Barbell Free CrossFit

Your first class is always FREE!

Our barbell free program is designed to improve fitness through high intensity metabolic conditioning with strength training that will earn you great results! No experience or skill level is required in our barbell free class, just the desire to sweat and work hard.

Every class we offer has an option to use a barbell, or to not use a barbell depending on your comfort level. Working with the barbell can be intimidating and many athletes simply don’t have a desire to perform barbell movements or to lift heavy, and that’s okay! Whether you are a new athlete beginning your journey and want to keep things simple until you get the hang of the movements or a veteran who prefers barbell-free workouts, not using a barbell may be the solution for you. Barbell or not, we will still guarantee you will get sweaty and have fun a long the way.

Don’t be fooled that because you won’t be using a barbell, it will be easier. You’ll still perform functional, high intensity workouts, but you will be using equipment and movement patterns better suited for your goals and abilities. We will still provide members with the perfect opportunity to work on cardio and efficiency, while providing the same accountability and community atmosphere as CrossFit.