Covid-19 Gym Procedures

Please read the following procedures we will practice set out by the Government of Manitoba to help keep you safe and to continue to help stop the spread

Access to our digital online waver is HERE

In preparation for your arrival back to the gym, we’d like you to be aware of some new procedures that will keep all of us as safe and enjoyable as much as possible as we start to work out with friends again. We ask that you are patient with us as we settle in and adapt as necessary. If you see something that may be more streamlined, let us know! There is a lot to read through, and we don’t need you to memorize it all. We just need you to be made aware of the new and we will remind you when you get in! 

Based on the guidance of the Manitoba government, here are some of the policies and procedures we’ll be implementing to increase your safety:

⧪ You must wear a mask when entering the gym and gathering your equipment. Once in your designated box, you may remove your mask. Once the workout is over and you are ready to leave, please place your mask back on. 

⧪ We will continue to offer Zoom classes to those still wanting to stay home or can’t make it to the gym. See the schedule further in this email.

⧪ Every class will have 14 class stations. You will have a 6ft distance in all directions at each station. Class stations will have access to the rig, open gym will not. If you plan to use an Open Gym spot, you are on your own for timing (unless following the class) and you MUST adhere to the cleaning guidelines. Equipment needs will go to class stations first. You MUST reserve a spot in Zen Planner. You MUST un-reserve if you can’t make it within 30 minutes of the time slot so others can access that spot. THIS IS IMPORTANT due to the limited class sizes.

⧪ When arriving at the gym, you will be asked to review the screening poster. This will be posted on the outside door. 

Please refrain from attending in-gym classes if:

  1. You or someone in your household has exhibited any of the following symptoms in the past 24 hours: Fever –  Cough – Shortness of Breath – Chills – Dizziness
  2. You have traveled outside of Canada in the past 14 days
  3. You have been in contact with a sick person in the past 14 days
  4. You are awaiting test results to see if you have COVID-19 

⧪ Please note that class times have been adjusted a bit to take into account members cleaning the equipment and the coach doing general cleaning between classes.

The coach will un-lock the doors 5 minutes prior to class time and prop open the door. Once the class starts, the coach will close the door. If you are late, you may enter the gym, but you MUST WAIT for the coach to acknowledge you and see that you have sanitized. Prior to class, please either wait in your car, or outside with the other members, just maintain a safe distance of 6ft between you until the coach unlocks the door.

⧪ You DO NOT need to check in on the ipad

⧪ There won’t be a lot of time to shop at the store, so if you need something, sneak in when you can, and e-transfer would be ideal for payment at this time.  Just let the coach know what you are getting. 

⧪ We ask that you come dressed for the workout, as change room use is very restricted. We can only have 1 person per change room at a time, and you only have 5 minutes from the time you enter, to getting to your space on the floor. Change at work or change at home is encouraged. If you currently have things in the locker room you will use on a regular basis, please grab them from there and use a gym bag for the time being. (This makes us sad as our locker rooms are super cute now!)

⧪ Everything you bring in the gym, has to be taken to your designated space on the floor. This includes outdoor shoes, jackets etc as you won’t be leaving through the front door. We encourage leaving what you can in your car. 

⧪ Hand hygiene is of utmost importance. Hand washing/hand sanitizing must be done before entering the gym floor. There are increased hand sanitizer stations all over the facility. Use them when you can. Please remember to limit face touching as much as you can and sneeze and cough into your elbow. 

⧪ All members must go directly to a designated workout space and remain there for the duration of the workout. We will be using a walkway system, so please follow those to get in and out of your space. When needing to get equipment, please use the walkways only. Once you get equipment, it is important to clean it prior to use, along with cleaning it after. Each station will also have their own whiteboard, kleenex, hand sanitizer, rep counter and spray bottle. 

⧪ We will be using everything in the gym for workouts (barbells, pull-up bar etc if you want), we just have to clean everything after. This includes the bar, sides of the rig, rings etc. This gym will be so fricken clean!! 

⧪ The water fountain will be closed, so if you want filtered water please bring it from home, or we will have water bottles in the fridge for $1. You may use the bathroom tap to fill your bottle. 

⧪ Bathrooms will be open, however if you can do your business at home first, that would be ideal or use the bathroom upon arrival and try not to go back into the front area once you are through the gates. We realize this may not always be possible, just be aware of the request as we try to limit common contact areas as much as we can. 

⧪ Communal chalk buckets will not be used. We sell chalk blocks for $3. 

⧪ Workouts start exactly as scheduled. Classes will be 50-55 minutes, leaving clean up time at the end to wipe down every piece of equipment you used. The coach needs to stay on schedule. So if at any point you are running behind putting away weights/changing shoes etc, catch up when you can. 

⧪ No equipment at any time should be shared during a class unless there can be proper sanitizing between members.

⧪ We know after a workout you want to lie there and contemplate life, but now is not the time for those thoughts. 🙂 Once the workout is done, please start to wipe down all your equipment. If you are extra sweaty, please also wipe down your floor area after returning all equipment. If you are done cleaning early, stay and stretch or chat with members. 

⧪ Towels will be supplied for cleaning of the equipment. Spray bottles will be at your station to use. Use these towels ONLY for cleaning. Please do not use them to wipe sweat off your face. Please bring a towel from home for this. 

⧪ All members in the class will leave out the middle back door, via the walkways. 

⧪ Kids are welcomed at the gym with the following guidelines: 

  1. Foam Pit and Upstairs is closed
  2. Kids can not play with any PCF toys at this time as we don’t have time to disinfect between the classes
  3. Kids are more than welcome to hang out in the front area and play with toys brought from home or to watch something on your phone/ipad. 

Current class times can be found on our schedule tab. 

EVERY SINGLE CLASS will have a barbell free and barbell option, so there is no designated CF Unloaded class anymore. 

We know this may sound like a lot, but once you go through it once or twice, it will be our new normal for a while and it will become second nature. We also know chatting with friends is important, so do it when you can, just be sure to keep up with the class and you can always save it for after and talk outside! We are all learning together, trying the best we can to keep everyone safe, keep our Covid numbers down in Manitoba and continue to keep the gym open in hopes that restrictions will eventually ease. However, that hand washing and cleaning all the equipment every time… we’ll keep that up!!