Covid-19 Gym Procedures

Please read the following procedures we will practice set out by the Government of Manitoba to help keep you safe and to continue to help stop the spread

Access to our digital online waver is HERE


Based on the Manitoba government regulations, here are some of the policies and procedures we’ll be implementing. PLEASE read this document thoroughly to make sure you know what we and you expect.

⧪ You must be double vaccinated to enter our facility. Proof of Vaccination plus ID will be needed.
⧪ Masks are required to enter the building, and in all common areas. Masks can be taken off when you are in your designated workout space.
⧪ All the past screening tools still apply. Don’t come in if you feel new symptoms, if you have been in contact with anyone who now has covid, if you are in the process of getting tested or live with someone who is getting tested. Be smart. We don’t want to have to close again.
⧪ Classes are 55 minutes in length and all coach led. If you are new to a class, everything will be taught to you as you go. They will help you scale your workout appropriately to you and your skill level.
⧪ Please enter the gym, 5 minutes before your class time. Prior to class, please either wait in your car, or outside with the other members, just maintain a safe distance of 6ft between you.
⧪ Change rooms are open, so feel free to use them and keep your gym stuff in their for future use.
⧪ Please leave your boots/shoes in the front area but take all other belongings with you to your box. DO NOT WEAR outside shoes into the gym. It is far too slushy to have wet footprints going to your spot.
⧪ Hand hygiene is of utmost importance. Hand washing/hand sanitizing must be done before entering the gym floor. There are increased hand sanitizer stations all over the facility. Use them when you can. Please remember to limit face touching as much as you can and sneeze and cough into your elbow.
⧪ Every class will have 14 taped out stations. Upon arrival, please head to one of these stations via the taped out walkways. You will have a 6ft distance in all directions at each station. You MUST reserve a spot in Zen Planner. You MUST un-reserve if you can’t make it within 1 hour of the time slot so others can access that spot. THIS IS IMPORTANT due to the limited class sizes.
⧪ Each station will also have their own whiteboard, kleenex, hand sanitizer, counter and spray bottle.
⧪ The water fountain will be open, however DO NOT let your bottle touch any of the faucet spout.
⧪ Bathrooms will be open, please WASH YOUR HANDS after use. We don’t care how much chalk you have on your hands already. Wash it off and start again.
⧪ Communal chalk buckets will not be used. We sell chalk blocks for $3, ask a coach for one, and bring it in a tupperware to every class.
⧪ Towels will be supplied for cleaning of the equipment. Spray bottles will be at your station to use. Use these towels ONLY for cleaning. Please do not use them to wipe sweat off your face. Please bring a towel from home for this.
⧪ Kids are allowed in the gym and can use the foam pit.
⧪ We are a dog friendly gym, however if you need to bring your dog, they will have to stay in your square the whole class. Excessive barking is not allowed, so be prepared you may need to leave if your dog is disrupting the class.