Your first class is always FREE!

Come see what CrossFit is all about at one of our regular classes where we will walk you through what you can expect during a class. Meet some of our members and get a great workout in, no matter what your ability.

We currently run 3 separate streams of programming; Lifestyle, Fitness and Performance. If you are new to CrossFit you will follow our Lifestyle programming. Once you get more comfortable with the movements and can lift heavier weights with good technique you can start to test out our Fitness programming. Not sure if you are ready to graduate to the next level? Talk to your coach! Every programming stream is offered in each class. Whatever stream you are in it’s a guarantee that you will get a great sweaty workout!

This stream is designed for the new CrossFitter just getting into it or the person simply looking to get fit for the purpose of staying healthy, happy and functioning optimally for the real world. It has a focus of developing proper movement technique and comfort using a barbell. Workouts can be challenging but scaled to each individuals own abilities and limitations. Some people may want to spend all of their time doing these workouts. We have members who have been around for years who still love this stream. Others may temporarily use the Lifestyle stream to gain confidence and ability to enter the Fitness stream. This is the stream all new members must take for a minimum of four weeks to learn all the movements. This stream takes the place of the traditional ‘OnRamp or Foundations’ classes offered at other gyms. We feel working out in a class and learning the movements as you go gives you a better feel for what to expect in a CrossFit class. You will be coached the same and become comfortable with all the movements in this setting.

Our Fitness stream is for the general CrossFitter who has worked on their technique and have started to master the movements of CrossFit. It is based on all of the pillars that make CrossFit so great! It’s constantly varied, high intensity, functional movements. Athletes will get their fill of barbell work to develop strength, speed and power, but also work on gymnastics as well as longer endurance/conditioning workouts.

As CrossFit grows, so increases the opportunity for athletes to compete in the “Sport of Fitness.” The Performance stream is geared towards athletes wishing to prepare for competitive CrossFit. In addition to The CrossFit Open, there are multiple local events and competitions that some of our athletes participate in. We have qualified both teams and individuals for the CrossFit Games Regionals and have a solid group that is using CrossFit as their competitive outlet. Here the goal is to hone your technique in the Olympic lifts, add more weight to the bar and consistently improve your performance in workouts.

Whatever your level of fitness, from the couch to a seasoned athlete, we have programming that will suit YOU and your current ability.

To see our other Group Fitness options please visit our CrossFit Unloaded Page, or if you are a stay at home parent/caregiver, please visit our Dumbbells & Diapers page.