Meet Our Coaches

Our coaches are caring, motivating, leaders and pretty darn awesome! 

We will provide exceptional customer service, help get you through that workout, keep you safe during your movements and assist in achieving all your fitness goals!

We’re pretty good with music playlists. But we’re exceptional with helping you achieve real, lasting change. Our aim is simple: to meet you where you are and to help you achieve success — however you define that.


Why I CrossFit? I CrossFit because even after 10+ years of doing it I am still finding ways to improve my fitness without being bored. It’s a great way to constantly challenge your body and keep fitness fun.

Why do you love Coaching? I love exposing people to the knowledge I have gained in the many years I have been coaching. It’s wonderful seeing members light up after they have done something that they thought they weren’t capable of doing. There is no better feeling. 

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit?It’s a safe and non judgmental environment that anyone can come in and have success. 

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? Clean and Jerk

Certifications? CF L1, CF L2, CF Kids, CF Gymnastics, Agatsu Kettlebell L1, Agatsu Barbell L1, NCCP Weightlifting Instruction

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? Honestly, I feel better without eating food before I workout. 


Why I CrossFit? I love the aspect of working out within a group. I love seeing the young and older intermixed and seeing how they are both giving their all no matter what weights or movements they are doing. It’s really inspiring and the group atmosphere keeps you accountable to finish your workout!

Why do you love Coaching? Seeing someone reach their potential or have ‘a-ha’ moments is so awesome. Seeing that they could do that weight or skill and them being proud of themselves is no better feeling. You help them get out of their comfort zone and reach their full potential.

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? Our members. Our community that we have built is awe inspiring and I am so grateful every day to share my day with them. Being around a bunch of like minded people working out, laughing, building friendships can’t be found in a regular gym. 

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? Hang cleans, Double Unders and sit-ups! If you google CrossFit Annie… that workout is my jam!

Certifications? CF L1, CF Gymnastics, NCCP Weightlifting Instruction

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? I like a good ol PB & J sandwich! If my workout is in the morning, I will have Greek yogurt and blueberries.


Why I CrossFit? For the constant challenge. There is always room for improvement in so many aspects, which makes it impossible to get bored.

Why do you love Coaching? Seeing people achieve things that they never thought were possible is incredibly rewarding and empowering. I love helping people have those “light bulb” moments with different skills. 

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? The whole community is amazing, and I am also partial to loving all the gym dogs. 

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? Too many to pick from, but I do enjoy handstand push ups because being upside down makes me feel like a kid again. Also, I am short so these are a pretty efficient movement for me which is nice. 

Certifications? CF L1 and L2. CF gymnastics. NCCP weightlifting Instruction. MFC group fitness and weight training certifications. MSc. Kinesiology 

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? I am usually eating while walking from the bus, so a protein bar and apple are my staples. But more importantly my favorite recovery “treat” are donuts 🙂


Why I CrossFit? I really enjoy the variety! I love having something different come up everyday that physically challenges me! The feeling of crushing a workout or skill that you have worked on for a long time really keeps me coming back for more

Why do you love Coaching? I’m really passionate about having people see the potential in themselves. Everyone has the ability to be the best that they possibly can be. Focusing on the Individual goals in a group setting, seeing participants develop over time, and seeing the personal wins! It should feel like one of the best hours of the day!

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? The supportive and tight nit community! From my first class and onward, the community has been such an integral part to why i love coming to coach. Everyone is there for their own goals but really come together to support the goals, wins, and personal achievements that everyone else has! You can always find a friendly face in the gym, even if it’s your first class. Everyone wants YOU to succeed!

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? I really enjoy anything with Gymnastics! My favorite workout of all time is 20.5! 

Certifications? CF L1, MFC Sport Conditioning, MFC resistance training, MFC Registered Personal Trainer, and Physical Education Degree 

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? I have a few choices – Bland food, eggs, or a very large bowl of oatmeal. Ask me about it


Why I CrossFit? The intensity, diversity and community.

Why do you love Coaching? To help our members reach and exceed their goals.

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? The emphasis placed on community, family and fun.

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? Wall balls/Toes to bar

Certifications? CF-L1, CF-L2, Registered Occupational Therapist

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? PBJ and preworkout or coffee or both!


Why I CrossFit? I CrossFit because it helps me be the best version of myself. I feel most connected to who I am when I feel strong and confident, yet am challenging myself physically and mentally on a regular basis. The combination of the intensity of the physically challenges, the opportunity to learn new skills and continuously develop them, and the camaraderie among fellow CrossFitters and coaches keep me connected to the athlete I strive to be, and the human being I am at my core.

Why do you love Coaching? I love coaching because I love helping people discover what they are capable of. Whether it’s working with someone to learn a new skill for the very first time, providing feedback or suggesting a small adjustment to an already developed movement, or encouraging someone to push themselves when they think they have nothing left in the tank, I have been inspired on a regular basis by the members I get to work with.

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? From the moment I walked in the door, I felt like I belonged. The coach and the members that first day made a shy, quiet, unfit and unsure individual feel like she was exactly where she needed to be, and with who she needed to be with, for that one hour she dared to try something new. That feeling continues to this day. The more time I spend at at Prairie, the more time I want to spend there. I feel like we’re all teammates and that the slogan “Strength in Community” isn’t just lip-service, or a tagline for the mural on the wall. It’s our truth. Owners, coaches and members alike–we all contribute to our culture. We celebrate each other’s victories, encourage and support each other’s progress, and extend a hand or a hug to each other’s challenges–not only in CrossFit, but in life <3.

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? My favourite workouts tend to be shorter, more intense, barbell metcons, but I don’t have a specific one that I can put my finger on. My favourite CrossFit movement has always been snatch. I love the combination of the technique and full-body power required. The gymnastic movements are starting to grow on me now, though…

Certifications? Current: CF-L1, Bachelor of Education in Kinesiology (McGill), and Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science in Athletic Therapy (U of M) Formerly Held: Certified Fitness Consultant (CSEP), Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (NSCA), Certified Athletic Therapist (CATA), Sport First Responder (incl. BTLS and AED), NCCP Weightlifting Competition – Introduction certification 

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? Especially when I’m pressed for time, or don’t feel like cooking, I make my signature fruit and yogurt bowl. Super-simple and balanced, and can be easily modified to anyone’s taste. I use Greek yogurt, mixed berries, a small drizzle of maple syrup, almonds, raisins and cinnamon and mix everything together. (I’ve used homemade coconut milk yogurt in the past to keep it more Paleo–also delicious!)


Why I CrossFit? Because it makes me feel good. It challenges me mentally and physically and I have met some of my best friends through CrossFit. 

Why do you love Coaching? Being a coach has allowed me to get to know more of the members which is amazing!  We have so many awesome people at our gym and being able to help them accomplish a goal they are working towards is a great feeling 

What’s special about Prairie CrossFit? Our community! Our members and coaches are truly the best. Prairie Crossfit is so welcoming and fun. We all workout butts off together and then sit around and laugh about it after. It great! And we can bring our dogs to the gym! We have the best gym dogs 🙂

Favorite workout or CrossFit movement? Work out would probably be “Annie” or “chief” and favourite movement would be power clean and jerks 

Certifications? CF-L1, CF Scaling Course

What’s your go to meal or food to give you energy for the gym? Usually a carb that’s not too heavy and easy to digest like a piece of fruit