12 Min AMRAP
50 Goblet Lunge Buy in (35/25#)
10 Deadlifts (70/50kg)
10 Box Jump/Step ups (20/24″)
*Partners may share work on the lunges, switching at any time. Lunges are only done at the beginning
*One partner works at a time on the Deads/BJ’s
*While partner 1 is working, partner 2 is holding the KB overhead. The KB cannot rest on the head or be brought below the shoulders. If the KB touches any part of your body or goes below your shoulders, both partners must stop what they are doing. Once the KB goes back overhead, the partner working can resume his reps. KB can be held by 1 hand or both as long as it’s above your head

10  min rest

FOR TIME: (15 min cap)
70 Med Ball Twists (20/14#)
60 KBS (50/35#)
50 Cal Row
40 Partner Sit-ups
30 Ring Rows/Synchronized Pull-ups
20 Partner Ball Slam (25/15#)
10 Synchronized Hand Release Push-up
30 Partner Wall Ball Buy Out (20/14#)
*Some movements are together, some movements you share with your partner
*You work through each movement until it is done, then you go to the next one
*You must bring your Med Ball with you to each movement